New Bill To Ban Liquor Consumption In Public

If a new bill being tabled is passed in parliament, a liquor ban in certain areas will take effect.


A new bill has been tabled to ban the consumption and sales of take away liquor from 10.30pm to 7am in certain areas that pose as a highly volatile areas for unruly behaviour. The ban will see areas and neighbourhoods like Geylang and Little India come under heavier scrutiny from law enforcers.

Drinking in restricted areas once the new ban actually takes effect would see offenders punished by law. After the riots in Little India a ban has been in place restricting the consumption and sale of alcohol to keep public order in control.



The Ministry of Home Affairs has taken a leaf out of other countries with effective liquor bans such as Australia, United States and Britain. Police will also be given the authority to remove drunk or unruly people from premises and to make them dispose of their alcohol if need be.

If the new bill is passed, you will now need permits to drink at bbq pits in national parks and have to be responsible for the upkeep of public order. Drinking along HDB corridors and void decks will also require a permit with same stipulation for public order.

Licensed vendors such as coffee shops, pubs and clubs with registered licenses will be able to serve alcohol for as long as their license permits them to.








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