NTUC announces new addition to Central Committee

The NTUC has announced addition to the highest decision-making body. He is Mr Chan Chun Sing, current Minister for Social and Family Development.

At a briefing to Labour leaders, Secretary-General Lim Swee Say shared that the decision was made by the NTUC under the leadership of the Central Committee.

He will start work immediately as a Deputy Secretary-General of the Labour Movement.


Minister Chan has been in the cabinet since the last General Elections in 2011 and has been a Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency.

Sec-Gen Lim will step down by the next NTUC National Delegates’ Conference (the NTUC’s internal election for their Central Committee). The NTUC adopted a resolution in 2011 that the NTUC Central Committee members will step down upon reaching the age of 62 to make way for new blood.


Sec-Gen Lim shared: “We are proud to have a flow-on system. Some countries, when some people become union leaders, they don’t want to step down. Individually we’ll grow old and slow down. Collectively the NTUC cannot slow down.”

He also added the announcement does not mean that Minister Chan will be Secretary-General automatically. He will have to be elected into the Central Committee at the next National Delegates’ Conference.


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