Why does PM Lee wear pink all the time? And other stories.

We’ve often taken jibes at politicians. Laughed at their diction. Laughed at their enthusiastic participation with residents. Made fun of their attempts at humour.

I came across this clip on the internet yesterday and thought it was most interesting – come on, try and identify who these politicians are.


But why does the PM wear pink every day? And what happened to Pei Ling’s bag? Read on to find out more…


Why does PM Lee wear pink every day?

This article called “The Genius of Wearing the Same Outfit Everyday” pretty much explains why PM Lee is always wearing pink.

The article quotes “Two college professors who have studied decision-making, Kathleen Vohs and Barry Schwartz, both found that a person has a limited amount of brain power in a day, so the more decisions they have to make, the weaker their decision-making process becomes.

“The mere act of thinking about whether you prefer A or B tires you out,” Schwartz told The LA Times. “So if I give you something else that takes discipline, you can’t do it — you’ll quit faster. If I have lifted weights in a gym, later trying to lift a 30-pound weight is impossible.


Why does Lim Swee Say like Din Tai Fung’s toothpicks?

At a press conference whilst visiting companies during his rounds, the labour chief said success of Din Tai Fung could be found even in the littlest details, such as – toothpick design.

Lim said that the Din Tai Fung toothpicks are so good, he “can never resist”  and always takes half a box of them during each visit. All this was said in jest to suggest that companies should be like Din Tai Fung, focusing on the details.


But Lim is more known for the donning of a Zorro mask. In an interview with Mothership, he explains why:

“On Nurses’ Day, our Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU), asked me, “Sec-Gen, can you come to our Nurses’ Day to give our nurses encouragement? I said ‘Sure’.”

So I arrived on site. The management of the hospital were hiding in the corner. Sec-Gen, we are going to give nurses a surprise. We are all going to dress up as characters.

So they ask me, “Are you game enough to join us?”, and I said, ‘Of course!’ I would do anything for the nurses and let them have a good laugh.”

So the management looked at all the costumes. I told them if they could give me something simple, as I did not have sufficient time to change. They said Zorro is the easiest. You just put on the the cape and the mask. So I became Zorro and everyone had a good laugh and good fun.

But I was flamed on the social media — “Lim Swee Say think so highly of himself. Want to be hero.”

To me, if you were to ask me would I do it again. I would do it again. Why? Because between trying to avoid all these flaming by people, and making the nurses happy and laugh, the choice is clear. I think that’s what the labour movement is all about. Everything is about being worker-centric.



Why does Baey Yam Keng take so many selfies?


Yes, he’s given the politically correct explanation of “ …I believe social media helps bridge the distance between politicians and the public.”

But we believe this may be the real reason: men who take excessive selfies show psychopathic traits.
In what context was Chan Chun Sing‘s “Kee Chiu” made?

When the PAP was revealing its candidates for the GE at an internal event, the fresh candidate was introduced to party members via short speeches. You can skip to 0:52 to hear the phrase that made him famous.
What became of the Kate Spade bag that made Tin Pei Ling famous?


The bag in question was sold for $1600 at a charity auction and proceeds went to the funding of the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) support services, which include counselling and free legal aid for women. The buyer was a 29 year old man who works in the marine trading industry, he bought it as a present for his mother.


Why is Teo Ser Luck hash tagging everything?


We don’t know… maybe its just something that these social media incompetent politicians are just fumbling around with. Have a read at the Yahoo article here: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/what-is-buzzing/mp-teo-ser-luck-tickles-social-media-users-with-funny-hashtags-091204614.html







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