Has This School Principal Really Crossed A Line?

Making it’s round on the internet and on social media, a secondary school principal has come under fire for being too “social” with ex students on Facebook.


Mr Leonard Koh, Principal of Northland Secondary School has had his social media life exposed online with two MOE teachers concerned about his behaviour on Facebook. Mr Koh has apparently come across as a Facebook stalker and some are concerned that his constant visits to ex-students pages are a little more than social.

leonardkoh1 leonardkoh4

However, there hasn’t seem to be any crude or lewd messages from Mr Koh to any of his students, in fact the Secondary School Principal can be seen as outwardly friendly or social with former students of the school. It can also pose as a concern as it may be taken the wrong way when he does ask students to “meet up”.


Would you see this as a Principal overstepping his boundaries or merely a simple way to keep in touch with alumni students?

Or should there have been a more efficient and more professional way to connect with previous students?


(Sorry, couldn’t get better pictures :P)



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