Singapore Driver Made To Pay Dodgy Fines By Malaysian Police

A recent note has shed some light on the weird workings of Malaysian policing and traffic laws towards foreigners.

It’s not rare to hear Singaporean drivers complain about Malaysian police from time to time and how some law enforcers across the causeway pick on foreign drivers. It’s also not news that not all law enforcers in Malaysia are straight in their dealings, with many accepting bribes and small fees to let go of dubious fines.

However it was assumed that such cases were getting rarer and harder to come by with Singaporeans more weary and prepared for such scenarios. Seems all is still not right in Malaysia, as can be read from the account of this driver and the ordeals of others.





So it seemed that not only do the Malaysian police bring up fines from the past they claim are outstanding, they can’t back it up with physical evidence as their systems can’t be backed that far, literally strong arming you into settling a fine you might or might not have. So drivers be wary, take caution, and as it seems that this occours more frequently along the Second Link you might want to travel via the Causeway instead.






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