“Singaporeans are Talentless” Says Another Filipino On Facebook

Another Filipino has made yet another anti-Singaporean comment, rubbing salt into the wound left by Edz Ello.

Edz Ello the controversial Filipino nurse who made rude remarks towards Singaporeans, the state and a certain religion has not been let go for more than a week when another of his compatriots has spoken out in carelessness on Facebook.

Edz Ello had claimed that his Facebook account had been hacked and the comments weren’t made by him, going so far as to file a police report. Despite his protest, Tan Tock Seng Hospital saw fit to terminate his employment based on comments he had made against Islam and Singapore in the past and which he had admitted to.

Not learning from Edz Ello, Inan Saligan has slammed Singaporeans on his social media account. He labelled Singaporeans as “trash, talentless and skill-less self important jerks and that without Filipinos, Singapore would be nothing”. Taking a look at his comment, it would seem a very far cry with Singaporeans not having too heavy a reliance on the Filipino community aside from recent years in the service sector. Even so, it is Filipinos who choose to come here due to the state of conditions in the Philippines with the country boasting one of the highest poverty rates in the region.


In his defense, Inan Saligan has immediately apologised for his statement and tried to retract his comment. He explained his actions and words were due to him being angry. It is not uncommon to vent our feelings, in fact many do so and many yet have paid prices for ignorant comments on social media.


Anti-Singaporean sentiment seems to be running a little higher these days, but are we Singaporeans that innocent?


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