Stephanie Koh, The Girl Who Doesn’t Like Singapore – A Year On

There were many many headlines last year, big things happened, there were tragedies, uprisings and then there was Stephanie Koh aka Steph Micayle on Youtube. Stephanie Koh was a contestant on a K-Pop program, trying to break out as a K-Pop star.





She gained notoriety on the show and even more when she listed her reasons why she hates Singapore and isn’t proud to be a Singaporean.Who could forget the eye-rolls, gaudy accent and her strong command of the language when it came to putting down Singaporeans. Some people have come to her defence and she has gained more followers from her bold statements and opinions which rightfully belongs to her. But she’s also angered quite a majority of Singaporeans with many labeling her as a talented but spoilt entitled girl.

Just in case you need to hear that accent again.



So moving forward from a year, what has Stephanie Koh or as she would rather be known Steph Micayle been doing with her life?

Firstly we have to acknowledge that this girl does have the chops and the talent, its evidently clear in her Youtube videos that she can belt a tune. Having said that, Steph Micayle (Koh) has found quite some success on Youtube amassing followers as she covers popular music. Youtube as it seems has been one of Steph Micayle’s (Koh’s) mainstay and aside from music, she also Vlogs about stuff (I haven’t watched most of them, you can if you click this).




She’s also kept true to her word, as she seems to spend majority of her time in Australia where she resides now, I presume. Stephanie’s Facebook page still states her hometown as Singapore, which is rightfully so since she was born and raised here.




In all, the girl who shared her thoughts and feelings about her nation, albeit strong, bold and perhaps immaturely has gone on with her life. She still seems a little pretentious and manufactured to a certain degree, aside from that she hasn’t done anything more to piss on or off her home nation.







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