Stopping The Filipino-Singaporean Hate Fest

There has been increased tension between Singaporeans and Filipinos working in Singapore especially after a couple of Filipinos have flamed locals on social media sites like Facebook.

Everybody has an opinion and there are a rare few whom have stood out and expressed their displeasure at the conditions of state of affairs in our multi-cultural, multi-national society. In Singapore we’ve always welcomed foreigners, in face many of us can trace our roots to various other countries, with out grand parents or earlier generations coming in to Singapore for opportunity and a better life.

The recent hate fest that has been going around has seen Singaporeans take a stand against foreigners, and recently against Filipinos in general. It’s not to say that all Singaporeans and all Filipinos who work in Singapore share the same views as those that have expressed anger at each other, in fact it seems that many locals would care less if you’re a natural citizen or a foreigner. What many locals can’t stand for is the fact that there are a handful of migrants that aren’t grateful for the opportunity that they have.

And so in a recent post, a Filipino has made a stand not against Singaporeans but instead urged his compatriots to direct their anger and frustration against the Government of Philippines for certain policies that have led to Filipinos looking for gainful employment outside of their own country.


The original poster, Orion Perez wrote a fair deal about Filipinos having to respect and recognise that they are guests in Singapore and should assimilate and integrate into the fabric of our society and culture. However he has also urged Filipinos to direct their frustration towards their own government and not to retaliate against Singaporeans.

In part it is also vital that Singaporeans see this as an opportunity to understand why Filipinos are flooding out of their country and looking for employment globally. It isn’t easy blending into or adopting a whole different culture. Despite them coming from the same region, we still share very different cultural views and idiosyncrasies.


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