Support for low-income families’ children

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. This phrase comes from the song “Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future”.

Most parents invest in their children’s education by pumping lots of money into tuition and enrichment classes hoping that the classes will boost their children’s education.

However, the situation might not be so rosy for children from lower-income families. Their parents might not have the income to send them for tuition or the parents might have to work multiple jobs in order to help send the children for tuition.  But thankfully, there are available help for lower-income families who may need help in their children’s education needs.

secondary school

Take 46-year-old Madam Wang Ying Xia for example. The single mother works as a sale assistant in a departmental store near their home. She earns only $1,600 a month, which goes to paying her household bills and providing for her elderly mother and her 14-year-old daughter, Tang Xing’en.

But Xing’en is not your ordinary Secondary Two student. She comes home every day after school to help with household chores while looking after her grandmother and cooking meals for the home.

But Xing’en takes it in her stride. In fact, she hopes to do well in life so that she can help provide a better life for her mum in future.

Fortunately for Madam Wang, her union and her constituency’s Citizens’ Consultative Committee helps her by providing Xing’en with annual bursary awards for the good results which Xing’en achieves in school.

At the recent Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC’s bursary award ceremony where Xing’en received her bursary award, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen assured residents like Madam Wang that no student should suffer in their studies because their family cannot afford it.

“I’m really grateful for the bursary awards that I receive from my mother’s union and the GRC. With the money, I can buy my textbooks and assessment books and to motivate myself to do better in school,” said Xing’en.

Soon, Xing’en will be able to fulfil her dream of providing a better life for her mum through a better education for a better future.

Being a low-wage worker, Madam Wang gets help from her union in the form of vouchers and coupons to help in defraying the cost of purchases made at NTUC FairPrice Supermarkets and Popular Bookstores.

Families like Madam Wang’s might not have an easy life. But with the help from various organisations such as the union, their life is made so much more colourful and vibrant with the help that they can get.



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