Toa Payoh Vandals Plead Guilty

Three teenagers have pleaded guilty for trespassing, theft and vandalism with the defacing of a HDB flat in Toa Payoh the most prominent.

David William Graaskov one of the five had pleaded guilty on Monday and had already received his sentence while three more from the group pleaded guilty today. They have yet to receive their sentences but a maximum penalty of a fine of $2000 or three years jail with up to eight strokes of the cane could be what they’re facing.

Left to right, Tan, Chay, Koh


All three teenagers pleaded guilty to five charges, Reagen Tan and Chay Nam Shen were faced with 10 charges while Boaz Koh faced 11.


The teenagers were hanging out in Toa Payoh on the evening of May 6 last year when they stole $12 worth of spray cans from a lorry before proceeding to Lorong 4 Block 85A. The teenagers made their way to the rooftop where they climbed a ledge to spray their anti-establishment graffiti in bold red. Koh even admitted to spraying over an expletive to darken it so that it would look more prominent.


The teens then left, disposing of the spray cans in the rubbish chute. The damage they did cost $129 to fix. Koh who was already on probation when he committed the offences has been remanded for progress and reformative training reports until February 18, while the other two will be back in court on March 2 to have their sentences read to them.


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