Train Delayed By Jewellery

Trains along the East-West line were delayed today thanks to a fault cause by jewellery.

Commuters heading to school and work this morning along the green line heading from West to East were held up as a single train travelling from Joo Koon to Dover was held up and passengers were forced to alight after a train fault.


Apparently, an earring and some beads were the cause of the delay. The train delay ruined plans of commuters who were hoping to get in to school or work on time. The train had to stop at Chinese Garden and ask for passengers to alight due to a door fault.

Frustrated passengers took to social media, tweeting and posting about the delays from all along the green line. SMRT failed to give any announcements or updates about the train delay which added to the frustration of commuters who had to wait in crowded conditions.


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