Whatsapp On Your Computer

Whatsapp is now available on Google Chrome browsers, but only for non-IOS users.

You can sync your Whatsapp account to your desktop and receive and send messages without the use of your phone if you’re an Android, Blackberry, Windows or Nokia user. It’s especially helpful if you’re in the office and you don’t want to be seen using your phone too much. (You didn’t hear this from us)

IOS users however will have to wait a while longer before they’re able to take their Whatsapp conversations to their desktops.


You can use Whatsapp Web services by scanning a QR code with your phone, so you’ll need to have a QR scanner on your phone in order to use it. Your phone will by synced to the web application, meaning if your phone dies while you’re using the web version, the conversations on your desktop will die along with your phone too.

So if you’re looking to look productive but still want to have a chat with someone then this should be perfect for you.

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