Ex DJ Glenn Ong and Ex “Ronnie” Nicholas Lee Go All Out Online

If you haven’t seen the trailer for “2025” the next big Science Fiction hit since VR Man from Mediacorp, then you’ve been spared some real trauma. If you want to experience that trauma, here’s the clip.

It’s somewhat a very ambitious project and probably had to get lots of clearance before anyone could say “yeah let’s do a sci-fi series, how much worst than VR Man can it be?” Someone should have consulted James Lye on it at least. “Hows your TV career doing James?”

Well Glenn Ong was of similar mind, he didn’t seem to think too much of the series either, and as usual he’s quite vocal about it.


I think Glenn Ong is just being Glenn Ong, he has said things like this during his career on radio and it really isn’t very surprising that he would have something to say now. Nicholas Lee aka Ronnie from Under One Roof didn’t take it all that well as can be seen from the response above.

So Glenn Ong went at it again.


Honestly, 2025 doesn’t look all that good, but then again I haven’t watched it. Perhaps Glenn Ong does have a point, VR Man might be the better Science Fiction piece on Channel 5.

Although you have to hand it to Shane Mardjuki who probably took the cake with his tongue-in-cheek tweet.




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