Here’s Why NSmen Can’t Use Camp Facilities On Weekends

Army camps come with a host of facilities that NSmen can use on the weekdays. However weekends are a whole different matter.

According to Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen, the facilities are closed to NSmen on weekends for security reasons. So the gyms, swimming pools, running tracks will be out of bounds at the weekends.


The camps should only be accessed by authorised personnel to minimise the risk of sabotage, that could compromise the safety of the soldiers and citizens added Dr Ng. However this doesn’t mean that NSmen are without alternatives.

Dr Ng added that all SAFRA clubhouses are fitted with gyms and pools to support the training of NSmen looking to prepare for anything in particular or otherwise. SAFRA EnergyOne gyms even offer preparatory training courses designed by fitness experts to help NSmen improve and train for their Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT).


Aside from SAFRA clubhouses, some neighbourhoods also include an “IPT In The Park”, static stations with a measured chart that reflects the various IPPT standards.

So therefore despite still techincally “serving” the nation, NSmen aren’t authorised individuals and do not have the authority that full time soldiers have. However with a host of alternatives there should be less jeers.

Anyways why would anyone want to book in on a weekend?





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