An Integrated Expat

Kirsten Conrad an expat in Singapore writes about her “Home”

The article in the Wall Street Journal titled ‘We Don’t Say “Back Home” Anymore’, tells of an American expat whom has lived in Singapore for 13 years. Expats are common sight in Singapore, they stick out with their different accents, the way they look and their different cultural habits.


Not all expats would share the same views as the author and not all expats come from western countries. However her experience in Singapore as a long-term expat and her enthusiasm for a multi-cultural Singapore has helped her understand the way in which Singapore was shaped and built by the people and the tiny advantage of having a strategic maritime position.

With our strong emphasis on education, all Singaporeans have a more than rudimentary understanding of two languages and grasp on maths and science. The author also touches on Singapore being considered a nanny state, a fact that some Singaporeans would more than agree with when we cast our glances towards “Western Democracy”. We’re tightly governed and ran with certain “mainstream” ideals, it’s still common to hear parents tell their children the only professions to go into are medicine, law or finance.


Perhaps living in two very distinctly different countries has helped the author see from a vantage point making it more obvious which kind of governance and society she would rather raise a family in.

However could a Singaporean see the advantages the author sees, with our different pay grades and such, or would a Singaporean need to follow suit and leave in order to realise the advantages of living and being a Singaporean?



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