M Ravi Ordered To Stop Practicing

High profile lawyer M Ravi has been handed a directive to stop practicing law.

The lawyer turned heads recently when he went on a tirade against blogger Roy Ngerng whom he represented when Prime Minister Lee sued him for defamation. The lawyer had before that also spoke about his intentions to contest in the coming General Elections for Ang Mo Kio GRC and his aspirations to become the next Prime Minister in a press conference.


He was issued a directive to stop legal practice by the Law Society of Singapore pending a medical examination after they received information that M Ravi was of impaired fitness to practice. M Ravi who has been clinically diagnosed as someone who suffers from Bipolar disorder was suspended once in 2006 from his profession for similar reasons.

Bipolar sufferers would often experience mania and depression, however the lawyer claimed that he had recently seen his doctor and was not deemed unfit to practice. Adding that he had submitted his monthly report recently to prove the he was well.

His recent behaviour has done nothing to help with his position and will most likely be weighed upon if he were to contest the decision. M Ravi has the right to contest the decision before a judge, or comply immediately with the directive.

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