Online Gambling Denied

The Government has passed a law on Monday to restrict and prohibit online gambling.

Beginning Monday 2nd February, authorities have blocked access to several hundred online betting sites limiting the amount of access to remote gambling down. The law has been set in place to curb gambling habits amongst Singaporeans.


Blocked websites will be reviewed regularly, however the list of sites blocked will not be made public. MHA and MDA have been working with internet providers to ensure that the implementation runs smoothly.

Since 10am Monday morning, many gamblers came to the stark realisation that they were unable to withdraw any of the credit that they still had remaining in their remote gambling accounts. Majority of popular websites were banned, amongst those were and However not all websites have been blocked and gamblers still had access to certain sites.


The ban will see gambling remotely either via a desktop or an app through a smart device made illegal and anybody caught breaching it would face either a fine of no more than $5,000 or a six month sentence in jail.


Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club will both be applying for exemption to the rule. They have been give six months by authorities to apply to be an authorised operator or cease all remote operations.



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