Service Gold At KFC

A KFC staff’s selfless actions towards a customer in need has been brought to attention through social media.

Miss Muza an ordinary staff member at a KFC outlet in Bukit Merah was spotted assisting a partially blind and elderly customer who regularly sells tissue paper in the neighbourhood.


Miss Dora Ong, witnessed the good deed and snapped a picture uploading it onto Facebook lauding her praises for her sefless actions and extra effort in serving the elderly man. According to Miss Ong, the elderly man had entered the outlet and placed an order for a single piece of chicken. Miss Muza not only took his order but upgraded his order to a full meal that includes a drink a side of fries. She also directed him to a seat, served and paid for his meal.


KFC has also applauded the actions of their staff member online saying “We hope she’s got you smiling too”.


It doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day no matter how small an action. Now isn’t that a society we’d all love to live in?


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