Singaporeans Come Together Again

After news made its rounds that a 70 year old man had been conned of his life savings that totaled up to apporximately $400,000, Singaporeans have kickstarted a fund for him.

The New Paper reported on Sunday that two women ran a cruel con on 70 year old Mr Tan Soy Kiang robbing him of almost $400,000 over a span of 15 long years. The back bent senior who suffers from a spinal injury trusted these two women and considered them close friends whom he had known for a long time.


Mr Tan who works two jobs to make ends meet begins every day at 7am as a cleaner until 11am where he makes his way to a petrol kiosk and works as a pump attendant from 4pm to 11.30pm every night. The single Mr Tan had been told by the two “friends” of his that he had to pay a debt to the government through them.

Miss Pamela Tan, a niece of Mr Tan finally got to the bottom of the story when she found out that Mr Tan had constantly been borrowing money from family and neighbours to meet these “debts”. She confronted the two women and recorded their confession, however after six months they were back at it again.


Dan Chen started a campaign on indiegogo after reading about the plight of Mr Tan, and as of 8.30am this morning had raised a total of $18,935 for the elderly man. It’s a fraction of the grand total he had lost to the scheming women over the years, but with support like this, Mr Tan should know that he doesn’t have to stand alone.

The Police have arrested a 65 year old woman and another 69 year old woman is assisting with investigations.


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