Singaporean’s rejected Australian residency

The Australian migration tribunal recently rejected a 79-year old Singaporean woman in her bid to gain residency. The reason? Her claim that she would be unable to get proper healthcare in Singapore holds no water, according to them.Healthcare

They even went as far as to state that they are ‘troubled’ by her son’s (who will be the one sponsoring her visa, if her application went through) statement that she would be turned away from medical aid due to lack of finances in Singapore.

Australia has really strict immigration laws – they’re one of the strictest countries when it comes to allowing anyone or anything into the country. Heck, they even turn down refugees with real, horrific threats hanging over their heads if they fail to get asylum.

Madam Low Seok Keow’s claim would be much better received, had it been in a country like the USA, where medical fees for a short stint in the hospital is enough to bankrupt a person (a Canadian couple was presented with a bill almost amounting to USD$950,000 after the wife went into premature labour while on holiday in the USA), or in third world countries, where stories of patients being left untreated because of their poverty are common as day.


Singapore has one of the most highly praised healthcare systems, along with the myriad of ways a patient can pay for their treatments with. It definitely sucks, having a portion of your pay deducted monthly due to CPF, but what I definitely don’t mind is the fact that I know I have a safety net if I ever need to pay for medical treatment and don’t have the cash.

Given, Madam Low stated that she used to be self-employed, and hence is unavailable to depend on Medisave, she still has assets and interests in Singapore that totals well over $200,000. She claimed that these funds were for rainy days, such as dealing with higher cost of healthcare or medical emergencies.

So… If she had the money… Why would she be afraid she would be turned away? $200,000 is a whole lot of money; enough to even buy a (very) small HDB flat. Maybe she’s afraid of the loneliness that being away from her son will bring, in the event of illness. Maybe she just wants to get out of Singapore in her golden years (not that many people can blame her, seeing as it is almost practically the Singaporean Dream to migrate to greener pastures), but her purpose would have been better served if she had selected a different reason.





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