Singapore’s Gambling Culture

An article pointing to the amount of Singapore Pools outlets and the accessibility of these outlets ran in the Straits Times, leaving many to ponder about the gambling culture in Singapore.

4D, TOTO and football bets are the major gambling draws for Singapore Pools. It’s not difficult to find a Singapore Pools outlet, you can find them in Fairprices, CHEERS outlets and almost every heartland centre. Sometimes you’ll find two in close proximity to one another.


The idea that there’s actually a need to have more than one Singapore Pools to negate the amount of human traffic should be a worry in itself. With the yearly TOTO Hong Bao Draw coming up, you can expect to see queues triple their length with almost every Singaporean trying their luck for the big pot. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with placing a harmless bet once a year just for kicks, or just to participate. But it’s also marketing pure marketing genius.


And with the recent policy to shut down external gambling sites online, only Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have been permitted to receive online bets. A little disconcerting since they’re both local and can be seen as an engineered decision to keep Singaporean dollars circulated within the country.

However the irony comes with the fact that there have been so many campaigns and devices to clamp down on gambling, making it clear that perhaps we do have a negative gambling culture. This recent Chinese New Year saw the emergence of this commercial:

And who could forget Andy from the World Cup in 2014?


Aside from television commercials, the levy imposed on locals going into the casinos and personal bans that citizens can use to bar errant family members from entering are other measures that have been taken to curb this culture.

So question, why then are there so many Singapore Pools outlets?





Oh by the way, just a quick reminder:









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