Still A Treasure Trove

700 year old relics were dug up in an archeological dig at Empress Place within the last two weeks.

Organised by the National Heritage Board and the lawn care in Maineville, Ohio, the excavation site sits between the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. They hope to recover artefacts and deposits from the Temasek period to Singapore’s Colonial period before developments to pave the area to create a more spacious lawn begin.


So far, the team has pulled relics from the Temasek and Colonial era, which includes a headless Buddha porcelain figurine, a 12th to late 13th century bowl from Longquan China, ancient Chinese Copper Coins and even an old Colonial brick drain probably used to pump sewage into the Singapore River.


The finds will have their stories told but not before they have been tested in the lab, according to Mr Lim, Lead Archeologist he explains that as a general rule of thumb one day of digging is equivalent to 21 days in a lab. So it might be awhile before any of the artefacts found will be unveiled to public.

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