Taxi Driver Bully Fired By SMRT

After Youtube videos of a taxi driver behaving rashly along the KPE went viral, SMRT has decided to cut the driver loose.

A series of Youtube videos uploaded by the user named Bee Pok showed rear and front view cameras of the entire incident that lasted roughly 10 minutes long. The videos show a silver Ssayngyong cab swerving dangerously in and out of the lanes along KPE coming at times dangerously close to the uploader’s vehicle and nearly hitting other road users.

You can also hear the uploader on the phone with the police making a report about the ordeal. In other videos, the cabby can also be seen hurling vulgarities and even throwing a can aimed at the uploader’s vehicle.

Police are still carrying out their investigations while SMRT have responded that the driver in question was a relief driver without any prior accident records. SMRT stated that they take very serious views in upholding the safety of their passengers and other road users.

Hopefully authorities will catch up with the driver and take relevant action to prevent the cabby from being picked up by other taxi operators.


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