There is a time to vote the Worker’s Party, the time is not now.


The haze was terrible last night – and I think i know where it has originated from: Parliament.

To be specific, the Workers Party.

A run down of the commentary in Parliament would go something like this:


PAP: Here are the facts, what have you got to say?

WP: We don’t need to answer Parliament, we’re only accountable to our residents.


PAP: How are you going to improve your management of your town councils?

WP: That is an unfair question! This is not becoming of a first world Parliament!


PAP: Would you care to provide answers for the dwindling funds in the town councils?

WP: We will be responsible for our accounts! And we welcome PAP scrutiny of our efforts!


In short, they’re not answering questions. They’re avoiding them.

All Parliament is asking, is for a simple answer as to where Town Council funds have gone to. How was it spent. This is a very simple matter of a town council. It is not a complex machinery like the GIC, or Temasek Holdings. It does not have to be concerned about things like national security, the Singapore dollar or protecting from rouge investors.

It just needs to tell people where they’ve spent the money on and on which companies. Easy.

Like a drunk man who’s had too much whiskey, their replies are incoherent. One minute he’s raving on about protecting people. Then later he’s sobbing about how the world is unfair to him.

Parliament broke into laughs today when Loh Thia Khiang, after trying to squirm away from answering what happened to the funds, finally said “…the S$12m missing funds are still in our accounts, it is not missing!”

I wrote an article last week that quoted how the Worker’s Party was a most agreeable party – how they’ve stood by in Parliament with nothing but support for PAP policies and asking questions quite close to what my teenage brother could ask. When faced with hard questions, all one hears are a bagful of rhetoric: why can’t PAP do better? Why can’t PAP do more?

Like their town council funds, my confidence in the Worker’s Party is sinking.

low thia khiang

How does this majority representation of dissent plan to unravel their plans (or lack thereof) for the country?

Perhaps they can’t. It’s a business organisation. Low Thia Khiang is a businessman. So is Png Eng Huat. Lee Li Lian was a sales trainer. Do they know how to run a country? Can they provide the leadership? Can they deliver the confidence?

Heng Swee Kiat summed up the issue quite succinctly, “If you cannot even check yourself, how do you check the Government?”

We need opposition representation in Parliament. So far the Workers Party has the most support. But as of now, they do not have the right mix of people. And the last two days have proven they do not even have a clue. There is a time to give votes to them – the time is not now.







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