Not Many Seem To Care For TRS

A 26 year old man and 22 year old female from socio-political website The Real Singapore (TRS) have been arrested by the police.

The police have arrested the duo “for posting remarks online that could promote ill-will and hostility among the different races in Singapore”. Robin Yang the 26 year old Singaporean and Ai Takagi a 22 year old Japanese-Australian were arrested on the 6th of February and investigations are still ongoing.


Police received reports on 5th February about an article that appeared on the website. The article spoke of the recent Thaipusam procession where three were arrested. TRS had featured an article which claimed that a Filipino family sparked the incident that led to the three being arrested in the procession. Police have however revealed that there was no Filipino family involved at all.

Twitter has also exploded with news about the incident, with quite a number cheering the arrest. It’s interesting to find out how the actual voices of the average Singaporeans differ drastically from “The voice of average Singaporeans” according to TRS.

trs2TRS have added that the investigations are centred only around this one incident and that other articles and contributions are not being probed. TRS has also said that they will be releasing more information to explain the situation. This may include how they operate and the people behind the website.


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