WP and their definition of ‘Transparency’


“Minister, if you were a resident, I would answer your question.” – Mr Pritam Singh

Mr Singh said that his duty was to AHPETC residents, and that he would answer questions if they were posed by a resident, to which Minister of State Sam Tan said: “I’m an Aljunied resident. You can give your answers to me.”

In May 2013, Mr Singh stated that they operate on the basis of transparency and accountability. He reiterated this once again during the debate.

Apparently this is called transparency and a “first world parliament”. Apparently in a First world parliament you don’t answer questions in parliament because parliamentarians are not your residents. You only answer to your residents.

Dicey would turn in his grave.

With their theory, when the WP takes power one day and forms the Government, will they also only answer to their residents? Those wards that they did not win, they don’t deserve answers?

“I see a very interesting definition of transparency. We will answer residents, we won’t answer in Parliament. Then I’m not sure what you’re saying because I’ve asked all these questions and you stand up there and say if you were my resident, I will answer you. I assume you mean that since I’m not your resident, you will not answer me in Parliament here”, said the law minister.



On a more astounding note, according to recorded minutes, the decision to appoint FMSS and their affiliations to the party was not discussed. Maybe their town counsellors aren’t their residents so they don’t have to answer to them? And worse still if they are their residents and WP has knowingly kept it from them, refusing to discuss the possible conflicts of interest.

If it was discussed, then why are they so afraid or ashamed to minute it down? Maybe they do have something to hide. After all, everything is transparent. It only depends transparent to who.

Minister Shanmugam has posed several questions to the WP MPs, especially Mr Chen Show Mao, Mr Pritam Singh and Ms Sylvia Lim who are lawyers by profession, to ask if they had known about the conflicts of interest and if they had allowed it to happen even though they were aware that it is unethical, bordering on unlawful even. The WP MPs have kept silent about this, rightly so since Minister Shanmugam is not their resident.

But more importantly, if they say yes they knew, all integrity has been compromised. If they say no, they look like they are ignorant or even lying. Either way, they lose. Now the question is, and the only way to salvage themselves is to take appropriate actions on FMSS. But seeing that they are adamant that they are not in the wrong, I doubt that will happen.








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