Singapore’s Twitter King, Herbert R. Sim’s digital magazine WTF(Wardrobe Trends Fashion) and HRS(Herbert R. Sim) is turning into one huge scandal thanks to a Mr Bryan Chow.

Herbert R. Sim was dubbed the local twitter king after amassing a legion of 602,000 followers on social media site Twitter. Unfortunately for WTF, they’ve been inconclusively found out to have bought majority of their followers, although Sim denied ever spending a single dime on any of his followers as per the interview he gave in The New Paper last year.

Forget twitter for now, and lets take a look at the team that comprises WTF for a moment.
This was the team at WTF before, a slew of good looking foreigners.


Very sadly none of them actually works at WTF, they’re mostly stock images. Why would Herbert do this you ask? “For what he want to make his whole team Ang Moh” you cry?


Here’s his reason.


The image is a little tiny, but it reads “*Disclaimer: Some of the writers in our team below are ghost writers, of whom have faux photos and names to front their persona. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.”

So this is what his team looks like now.


Notice there’s only one Ang Moh now, and all the “Ghost Writers” have vanished, I guess that’s what ghosts do once the sun comes up and shines it’s light upon the world.

Bryan Chow didn’t stop at just WTF but also found evidence that Sim’s other lifestyle digital magazine had very incriminating evidence that Sim wasn’t as savvy a writer his audience probably thought him to be. Chow pointed out that most of Sim’s posts were lifted and plagiarised in full. Those articles have obviously been removed from HRS, but not before Chow managed to grab screen shots.

Article 1)


Article 2)


Article 3)


Article 4)


As mentioned every article that Chow has screen grabbed and shared onto his Facebook wall have been removed from HRS.

After the attack on HRS and WTF, Herbert Sim responded in kind to the thread that has been growing on Bryan Chow’s Facebook page.


As stated, the reasons for the attacks are unknown and unprovoked however it is pretty clear from Sim’s response that Chow is related to Clicknetwork the same people that does Xiaxue’s guide to life.

After the online war of Xiaxue VS Gushcloud do we have the makings of a Clicknetwork VS HRS/WTF?

Is there a hidden agenda, are these strategically coordinated attacks? Perhaps it’s all acts of justice and vigilantism not wanting to see intellectual property stolen and used for personal gain. We’ll never know, but one thing’s for sure Herbert Sim has dug himself a pretty deep hole to climb out of.


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