10 things you didn’t know about working women


  1. We don’t want to be judged based on our gender.


If you want Singapore to be meritocratic, you should practise what you preach.

(This goes for women who judge other women too.)


  1. Just because you didn’t like your past female manager, it doesn’t mean all females are like that.


If we have suffered under a particular male manager, we don’t assume all male managers are like that too, right?


  1. We prefer gender empowerment.


Instead of harping on gender equality, helping each individual to meet his or her potential is far more effective and satisfying than insisting on quotas for women on boards of directors.


  1. We want men to get flexi-work and family care leave too.


This means our husbands can take time off to settle family matters if we have a really important meeting to attend. And this would encourage them to be better fathers, brothers and sons too.


  1. We are no different from men. There are things we cannot control.


If we had our way, there would be no periods, no cramps, no difficult pregnancies, no sick family members, no emergency matters with school, no train breakdowns, etc.


  1. Women who abuse their female privileges piss us off too.


They give other women a bad name and add to negative stereotyping. If they are asked to leave, it’s better off for us too.


  1. Working mums hate being compared to stay-at-home-mums.


There is no right or wrong choice here.

Some of us choose to work because we want to. It doesn’t mean we are horrible mums.

Some of us really want to be stay-at-home mums too and spend the whole day with our families, but we decide to work after considering that a second income will benefit the whole family more.

We sacrifice our personal desires to ensure the entire family unit progresses better, even if it means we struggle every single day with the guilt that we cannot always be there for our children. There is no need to assign more guilt to us.


  1. The worst place in the office for a breastfeeding mum to express breastmilk is in the toilet.


You don’t eat in the toilet, likewise.


  1. Being a working single woman is a legitimate life choice.


It is better to be single for the right reason, than attached for the wrong ones.

Just as a married couple doesn’t need children to feel fulfilled, we don’t need a marriage to serve our life’s aspirations either.


  1. We go beyond our job role before asking for a promotion.


We feel that we have to prove ourselves worthy of a higher role before we ask for it.

However sometimes this means we do invisible tasks that contribute to the company, but are not able to be captured in KPIs and measurements. Hence from the boss’ view, we didn’t do more than we were paid to.


More women need to know how to ask for a promotion.







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