Rearranging my cabinet…


Somewhere along the grape vine, Singaporeans heard of an upcoming Cabinet Reshuffle over the past few days.

A lot of speculation and talk has been flying around the net, so here’s us playing the oracle to give our take on who goes where to do what…

Disclaimer: All this is just us anyhowly hantum only – please wait for official news for the facts!


lim swee say


1.) The productivity man would do very well taking his Lim Swee Say-isms to a Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Chan Chun Sing

2.) Chan Chun Sing may very well go into Labour… movement.


grace fu

3.) Grace Fu can make families more graceful by joining through the Ministry of Social and Family Development.


tan chuan jin

4.) Tan Chuan-Jin could very well put on his army boots again and marching to the Ministry of Defence.



5.) Josephine Teo would do well being the first woman in a Ministry of Manpower.



6.) Finally, Baey Yam Keng puts on his running shoes, as 2nd Minister of Environment and Water Resources. This will help to make our parks more vibrant and picturesque with his incessant selfies.


So which Minister takes on a new role, and which Member of Parliament gets promoted to take on a new role?

Your guess is as good as mine lar!

Stayed tuned for announcements which would happen anytime soon…





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