50 Shades Of Geylang

Not many photographers would risk the potential violence you could get into for the sake of passion and art, one Italian man however had the nerves to do so.

Lucian Checco is a Vice President at a German Oil Company by day and pursues his hobby and passion whenever he manages to steal time for it. The Italian moved to Singapore in 1992 and has seen the changes that this country has taken, his inspiration behind his recent portfolio was to expose the darker side to a well polished nation such as ours. A seedy underbelly that many locals would shun.

In his interview with Leica, Checco explained his actions, his inspiration and even the close encounters he had.

Here’s an excerpt from his interview:

“The whole world has, over the last few decades, seen Singapore as the Switzerland of Southeast Asia. It has the reputation of being clean, modern, efficient, safe, with one of the best airlines in the world, and perhaps the most efficient port and airport of the world. It’s the site of the Formula One Grand Prix where the cameras keep showing its beautiful modern skyline and gleaming buildings. Not many people know about the reality that is shown in my photos.”

And here are a few powerful sample images from his work:







  1. Love the audacity, its the real truth of this porcelain. Actually there are many places he did not venture and snapshot which is equally real but safer. Walk around more!

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