Foreign TRS editors profit off Singaporean readership

In an ironic twist, foreign run site “The Real Singapore” is exposed to have been capitalising off Singaporean readership. The site which gained notoriety for publishing xenophobic, anti-everything and scandalous articles are now the subject of xenophobia and scandals themselves.

A report by the New Paper revealed that TRS editors Ms. Ai Takagi and Mr. Robin Yang Kaiheng bought a $377k apartment in an affluent suburb in Brisbane, Australia. This was leaked to the paper by one Joshhua Chern, a Singaporean student there.


(Picture from The New Paper)

Mr. Chern reportedly hired a private investigator to track down the pair after a business relationship soured. The investigator’s report showed the couple had registered the apartment’s address in Fairfield, a suburb in Brisbane, as their own.

It is not know as yet if the funds received by TRS are channeled to pay for political gains – of which they may have acted in contrary to laws on political activity here.

Earlier, newly minted opposition leader/human rights lawyer M. Ravi revealed in an online video that #ReturnMyCPF blogger Roy Ngerng was allegedly paid $3k a month by the site.

Ex-Reform Party candidate and foul fingered blogger Alex Tan has deleted his Facebook account and went silent on the internet since news of the editors arrest broke.

Singapore is often criticised by foreign media of having the least free media in the world, however there had been no arrests and lawsuits surrounding dissenting websites and publications for responsible opinions. TheRealSingapore, Temasek Review, the Online Citizen and various publications close to the opposition have been publishing a myriad of dissenting articles.

This trend was broken in 2014 when blogger Roy Ngerng published one defamatory article (accusing the Prime Minister of criminal misappropriation of money) out of a slew 500+ CPF articles written by him.

TRS pays no taxes, contributes nothing to Singapore, is making money by making fools out of Singaporeans and is clearly disinterested in politics/current affairs except for making money off it. And they do all this by copying/pasting articles from other sites without credit.

They deserve nothing less than extended jail term.







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