Han Hui Hui: I’ve decided to postpone my marriage and pregnancy in order to fight for Singaporeans

Han Hui Hui

The 23 year old at the centre of last year’s YMCA heckling incident has posted on her blog that she has postponed marriage and having children to fight her legal battles, and impliedly, for Singaporean rights.

Han said that women should stay at home, not work and take care of their children after birth. Citing the need to breastfeed and recuperate, she also attributed blames to expensive education, National Service and expensive property.

Certainly Singaporeans, just like any human would love low cost property and not to do National Service. However, I’d like to remind her that our little island is only shy of 500 square kilometres, half the size of Hong Kong.

When your family grows too large for the house you inherited, you have the option of moving house, or buying another one. As a nation, we have no such option.

If she is able to make Pulau Ubin generate a third the GDP of Singapore and support a functioning economy, maybe I’d have more respect for her.

For the rest of Han’s post, follow this link: http://huihui247.blogspot.com.au/2015/03/ive-decided-to-postpone-my-marriage.html – do notice that her site is hosted in Australia, the country where publishers of TheRealSingapore is hosted and living at.





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