I See Dead Fishes

A variety of marine life have recently washed up dead along the shores of Pasir Ris, leaving many concerned about the safety of consuming fish.


The biggest concerns however surround that of the fish farms in the area. Many farmers have lost almost 80 percent of their produce thanks to the recent plankton boom. A post morterm conducted on the dead marine life revealed that the cause of death was due to a bloom in the amount of micro-organisms in the water, affecting the fishes ability to breathe.


Despite the high death rate, researchers have found that there are no biotoxins in the fish, making it safe for consumption still. Farmers have stated that the event was worst than a similar incident that took place last year. There are concerns from the farmers that this might bankrupt most of them due to the sudden loss in their livestock.


NTUC who do purchase their fishes from local farms have assured consumers that the fishes they’re supplied have been AVA approved and have taken steps to ensure that only live and healthy fishes are imported to supermarkets.



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