Innovative ways to watch over kids…

If you’re a mum and you’re looking for innovative ways to care for your kids while you do your household chores, here are several ways that you can watch over them or keep them occupied while doing your chores :

  • Putting them onto a top-loading washing machine (that is switched off of course!)


  • Let them watch a foreign movie and act it out later (let their imaginations go crazy!)


  • Read books upside-down


  • Let the kids build sculptures using modelling clay

Asian kid shaping pottery

  • Jumble up the closet and get the children to clear up the mess


  • Get the kids to walk on a stretch of bubble wrap


But if all else fails, and you can’t control your kids, here’s a suggestion: put them up at a childcare centres such as NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool. This way, your child is being looked after and you can consider returning to the workforce.


After all, the Government has been calling on women and mature workers to return back to work to boost the labour participation rate of locals.

And to help mothers juggle between work and family, the Labour Movement has even pushed for the adoption of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) by companies, to better allow women to return to the workforce with arrangements that would allow you to even work from home.

Think about it, with women back in the workforce, there is 1) added income for the family; 2) time away from the stress of child care; and many more benefits…

So, with more being done to encourage women back into the workforce, would you take the challenge?





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