Lee Kuan Yew: The critics have a word

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Not everyone loves Lee Kuan Yew, and here are a few characters that clearly don’t.

Should these people be involved in Singaporean politics? You be the judge.



1. This ex-Secretary General of the National Solidarity Party

…and he wants to celebrate.





This Reform Party candidate

…who scampered away when TheRealSingapore editors got arrested…







This Reform Party boss

…they’re already issuing statements as quick as they can, what more do you want?




This Han Hui Hui

…who went absolutely berserk with Facebook posts yesterday…

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This anonymous coward


Lee Kuan Yew







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I am a satirical writer. I offend. And I urge you not to take me too seriously.
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11 thoughts on “Lee Kuan Yew: The critics have a word

  1. Lets show respect to the man who helped develop the nation as it is today. Got it good n bad but we sure reap in the profits of his vision one way or another. We didnt go thru wat our ancestors n parents went thru so we dont know how bad was bad…jus enjoy the goodness of it now as it is definitely better than some developed nation n sure is greater than those developing nation!! Read the news pple about the other countries not just about their glories but also about the difficulties the pple are facing!!

  2. ‘Author: madmonk
    madmonk I am a satirical writer. I offend. And I urge you not to take me too seriously.’

    Yet you get so affected by what these people write about. I for one find the last one funnier than everything you have ever written

    1. Be a satirical writer all you want any other time of the year. Go ahead and joke about bad policies, bad speeches, bad haircut, or bad fashion taste. But not when your nation’s founding father was seriously ill/ has passed away. For that, no matter how funny your words may be, you suck as a satirical writer.

  3. Such remarks betray anything from outright puerility (at best!) To profoundly disrespectful and mean-spirited in the extreme, especially at a critical moment like this. I wouldn’t even deign to reply to such comments – some of which also border on the seditious. I am astonished and disconcerted that people who carelessly toss off such extreme comments would like to see tnemselves playing a role in policy-making in this nation.

    I hope Mr Lee Kuan Yew miraculously recovers and lives to be 100! I would also be less than honest if I were not to declare that what I am today I owe to him and his wise, far-sighted policies. And I am sure that there are many other Singaporeans out there who feel similarly.

  4. All these jerks who are so unhappy with Mr Lee should be left in Pulau Ubin or some other remote island, they should not live a safe, convenient and comfortable life in Singapore island. There at the remote island, they can gather and yak among themselves without affecting the peace in the main land.

  5. In this period of National Mourning, please show respect to the deceased, regardless. This is the most basic of etiquette, of which if you have none, please just be silent.

  6. If these opp are not happy with LYK and not happy if what Singapore is today, gave up your citizenship and migrate out of here. If you are not Singaporean, then you are no reason to judge our founding father. Be thankful to set ypur foot on this flourish land that LYK created. Without him, you may stepping on shit!

  7. Shame on you Han Hui Hui. If you don’t appreciate LKY, you won’t migrated to Singapore. Why did you migrated from Malaysia.
    Guys, she is from Malaysia. She should go back to Malaysia and praise Mahathir, instead !!!

  8. “There is a higher law than the law of government. That’s the law of conscience.” Stokely Carmichael

    Well … I for one ain’t gonna vote these people. Their lack of respect, integrity, compassion and principles speak volume. Such characters are not what Singapore needed.

    Oppositions in the political arena need to be constructive and have conscience. Singapore’s political arena has no room for people who oppose for the sake of opposing, and people who lack decorum and principles.

  9. From 23 Mar 2015, Raffles has been replaced by a Singaporean called Lee Kuan Yew as the icon of Singapore. Raffles was just a colonialist while LKY is a patriot. Raffles worked for the benefits of the British Empire, LKY worked for the benefits of Singapore. Prove that I am wrong.

  10. You brood of vipers have not contributed any good to our nation except spew toxic and incoherent rubbish!
    You have again further proven for all to see your true selves – ungrateful, vile, appalling and such a disgrace to our society!

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