Legend Naturalist David Attenborough To Narrate A Singapore Wildlife Documentary

Sir David Attenborough, known around the world for his documentaries and commentaries on wildlife will be narrating a Singaporean documentary.

Produced by Channel NewsAsia the two episode documentary titled Wild City is part of a host of local documentaries in celebration of SG50. The documentary will offer a glimpse into the lesser known side of Singapore, a side rarely seen even by locals.


Amongst the hidden wildlife that can still be found if we Singaporeans know where to look, recent common animals such as civets, the last urban carnivore in Singapore and otters that have taken residence in Marina Bay will be featured in the first episode of the documentary.


All that with the soothing and curious voice of David Attnborough to dictate and provide expert commentary on a tiny island better known for her man made structures than natural ones.

“I really hope that it’s going to reveal a side of Singapore that even locals have never seen before, and that it shows off a wild diversity of wildlife and species that have never been documented before,” said Ms Mok Choy Lin, Vice-President of Programming at Channel NewsAsia.


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