Like Mother Like Son

The slashing case at ITE caused quite a stir, but not at much as the response from the culprit’s mother.

The attack was vicious and heated, there were many bystanders but who would risk life and limb to get in the way of a boy wielding a parang?

No mother would take to facebook to condone such an action, no mother aside from the assailant’s. She responded to the video going viral by bragging on Facebook that her son had appeared on Suria and The NewPaper.


Here’s a rough translation of the post above:

“Just appeared on the News on Suria and tomorrow it’ll appear on The NewPaper. Sigh, a 19 year old can’t even fight against my 16 year old son.”

“The Boy in black has no balls, he deserves it.”



Her next rant goes something like that:
“Screw the idiots on twitter posting comments and laughing about my son losing a shoe. So what if he only had one shoe, the boy in the black shirt had both shoes but still ran. The 19 year old boy in black has no balls, he had two shoes on but still ran away from a 16 year old.”

One can only imagine the kind of household the assailant grew up in if his mother encourages and condones such horrible actions from her teenage son.


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