Loudmouth Youth Amos Yee Arrested

In the wake of the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of modern Singapore, an insensitive Youtube video made by Amos Yee has gone viral.

Amos Yee a teenager was arrested and had his video and blog taken down after his rant against the late Lee Kuan Yew went viral and angered many citizens. In his video the youth made comments that were not only insensitive to the late founding father but also Christianity as he likened the outpouring and grief of Singaporeans to that of fervent worship to Christ.


Many police reports were made against the youth for his insensitive remarks and it seems that he has been apprehended by the police. As in many situations, netizens took matters into their own hands by leaking his mobile number through forums and social media.

The brazen youth when confronted with threats and prank calls challenged them instead and eventually terminated his mobile services. Although it is stated and claimed that his contract with his mobile carrier had reached it’s end of service.


The teen is not new to the limelight, and has featured in a local production produced by Jack Neo and had earlier won an award for a short film he produced, acted and wrote on his own. At one point Amos would have seemed like a boy with talent as is evident from his command of the English language. However his audacity, arrogance and lack of social graces might one day haunt him.


Does he have the right to his own opinion? Yes he does.

Did he need to air his views and agitate the masses during a period of solemnity? Probably not.

Did he cross boundaries with his rant against Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Christianity? Yes he did, and will probably face some sort of punishment for his insensitivity.

It’s clear that the teenager is no idiot, in fact he’s articulate and passionate about the things he believes in, however he still possesses the maturity, tolerance and world views as that of a teenager.


In his own words “Karma is a b**ch”


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