MINDEF Can Now Track Soldiers

MINDEF have adopted new technology to keep National Service soldiers safe and well conditioned.

Tracking systems and heat monitor sensors to be introduced to help NS soldiers during their training stint in National Service. The two pieces of new technology will improve training and medical systems of NSmen according to Second Minister for Defence, Chan Chun Sing.


The tracker systems would help in pinpointing a soldiers location during navigational exercises during their army stint. Soldiers will be equipped with the device which is linked via satellite to Exercise Control Headquarters (HQ). HQ will then be able to locate these soldiers in real time via a software map.


The trackers also come equipped with an SOS button in the event of emergencies. Upon which a rescue team will be dispatched immediately to the soldiers exact location. Prior to the tracking system, army units were deployed with military radios and satellite phones, however they weren’t as effective as the tracker system as shown from results once the trackers were introduced last year.


Another concern that NSmen face are the heat conditions in Singapore. The heat monitor sensors has been introduced to monitor localised weather conditions, providing a more accurate reading of weather conditions in specific areas. This would in turn give commanders a better gauge of when soldiers should rest and when it would be cool enough to carry on with training without suffering from heat stress.

So to all woeful mothers preparing to see your sons off to NS, you should have one less worry about your boy.







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