NIVEA quietly deletes sexist armpit colour video

This weekend would be International Women’s Day and NIVEA chose to release an advertisement about a new product which helps to lighten armpits.

Yes, you heard that right – lighten the colour of your armpits.

dark armpits

(looks like dark armpits are here to stay…)

The ad stars YouTube personality Maimunah Bagharib, of the popular duo MunahHirzi.

It shows of a woman in a blue top encountering many awkward situations through her day because she has dark armpits which distract and disturb others around her.

The video attracted the ire of many – possibly the reason why they removed it. Consigned to the graveyards of bad advertisements, it is a tale of which we’ll never have answers to: Which genius of a marketing director approved it? Which award winning agency developed it? Which focus group thought it was so funny and gave it approval? We have a feeling it is probably a male centric decision.


(and male centric decisions are usually not approved by these guys!)


If you have a copy of the video, let us know – it is collectors edition now!







  1. (and male centric decisions are usually not-approved by these *guys*!) — the use of the word ‘guys’ to refer to an organization that is largely composed of ladies is sexist.

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