Over the hedgerow…

Lee Kuan Yew Flowers

Contributed by anonymous reader.

Lee Kuan Yew Flowers
Over the hedgerow,
You are the flower that is.
Sun shines, water flows,
On this island there is peace.

We learned about you in school,
our leader, our mentor, our shaping tool.

You survived the Japanese and made it through the strife,
so we can stand tall against the bullies in life.

Tears after the Separation, millions witnessed it.
Million others tear now, and not just a bit.

Decisions were made, like some words had to be said.
What is the bigger picture, the greater good, fodder for debate.
The world can love, the world can hate,
The many times you set us straight.

Over the hedgerow,
You were the flower that was.
What will we make of tomorrow,
What will be our course?

What will we create, of old, of new, of you.
How can we immortalise a spirit, beyond just a statue?

You ran the milestones, a beautiful run.
And though the work is far from done,
A flower now blooms in the sun.
A tree today, no longer a plant.

Some poems will be written, some songs will be sung.
The wonder, of course, is what will become.

Of the roofs over our heads, food and fate,
Of the jobs we create, of this state,
Of the next you, the crew,
Of the legacy, of you.

No goodbye, just thank you,
I’ll see you when it is my time, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew







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