Refunds For Cancelled Music Festival

The Future Music Festival Asia to be held in Singapore for the first time ever has been officially cancelled.

Considered one of the biggest dance festivals in South East Asia, Future Music Festival Asia will not be held in Singapore after organisers failed to obtain a license to run the show. Authorities put a stop to the festival after fears of potential drug use.


This isn’t the first time drug issues have forced the festival to cancel. Last year, after six Malaysians died from a drug overdose, the festival was forced to close down on the third day. Based on the reputation it carries for being a festival where drug is rampant, local authorities have dismissed their appeals for a license.


Organisers have issued an apology and will refund all 15,000 of the tickets that have been sold. They have also issued apologies for any party-goers from overseas that have made travel plans to attend the festival in Singapore.



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