This security officer puts a smile on everyone’s face!

Here’s a security officer who’s really happy with his job! First featured on AsiaOne, the father of five and grandfather of six told readers how he “..liked my job because I don’t have to be stuck in an office,” and how “When people smile at me, I feel happy.”

We met up with Mr. Zaire Hassin ourselves, to see how he guides traffic like a musical conductor and, more importantly… to find out what keeps him happy! Check out the video at the end!

What inspires you to dance while on the job?
ZH: That’s my movement, my motivation. Don’t know why ah, I always very happy. Because to make the pedestrians safe, I have to direct them in a safe way.

What do you love about your job?
ZH: It’s fun! Been working for 5 years!

Do you go for upgrading courses?
ZH: No chance. When I was with telecoms, they gave me the golden handshake after 30 years.

Why do you still work?
ZH: I’m than 71, Ah Gong already now. After golden handshake, I do nothing at home ah, sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up. Last time, at telecoms, I smoke 7 packet of cigarettes a day. God gave me a sickness, after that I quit, no more already. I had a small lump, detected early and take out. No problem. Doctor say this is because of the cigarettes.

How many more years you want to work for?
ZH: See how, until I cannot. Happy happy lah, at home also nothing to do mam.

During the Committee of Supply Debates in Parliament in March 2015, NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Heng Chee How urged employers to update and up-skill older workers as research shows that mature workers are much less likely to switch to other companies compared to younger workers.

What better way to retain these workers by keeping them happy while on the job!

So employers – keep your staff happy, it’s good for your business at the end of the day :)







  1. This is the guard working at Tampines Century Square right? He brings me smile every time I see him. Good job!

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