Two Weeks Jail For Competitive Dad

Two weeks jail sentence for a self employed father who lied about where he lived to get his daughter enrolled in a prestigious school.

We hear about Kiasu parents who would queue and ballot just to get their children into top schools, one father went above and beyond Kiasu to ensure his daughter won a place by giving false information.


The father who can’t be named to protect the identity of his daughter is appealing against the decision dished out to him. The man had given a residential address that was within a 1km – 2km radius of the school in order to outbid competition for slots in the school. However the residential address given was found to belong to his uncle’s sister and was rented out at the point of registration. The father has no prior criminal record and has stated that he was originally going to move into the address he registered with but was unable to contact the tenant.


He had lied to a police sergeant 10 day’s prior to the enrollment in order to have the address reflected on the back of his IC for registration purposes. He was found out to be living in Balestier instead which fell outside the school radius. He was only found out when the Education Ministry paid a visit to his alleged address.



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