What does the common man think about retirement and re-employment?

What does the common man think about working till their later years? What do Singaporeans really think about retirement? And when do Singaporeans want to retirement?

We recently chanced upon a Youtube video done by a student as part of a project yup which has all the answers to our questions…

The student by the name of Pearlie Tam went around asking men (hmm…for some reason, only men) some questions on retirement and re-employment.

Here are some interesting answers:

Qn: When is a good time to kick back, relax and sip on some Long Island Tea?


“Really depends on whether they are self-sufficient…Whether they doing it (work) for self-recreation…and more or less is anybody supporting them…”



“Actually, I think don’t need…then when will you want to stop with your work? Until you die? You should have some time to enjoy also…”



“Ideally (retire) now, if I can…By 40 (years old) maybe…”


Qn: What do old folks really think about retirement?


“I’m 75 years old…I used to make and serve coffee…”

Views on re-employment

“I wished (I could), but no choice, I will get dizzy after long hours of work…”



“I’m 70 years old…I used to work at the bus company as a technician…”

Views on re-employment

“Its boring now…I’m fit and healthy to work anyway…work can prevent dementia, better than staying here waiting for the day to pass…”



“I’m 66 years old…I was a taxi driver…”

Views on re-employment

“The company felt that we are low on productivity…thus we lost our job…When you work, you have income…”


Working longer assures mature workers accumulate more savings which therefore allows them to look forward to a Happy, Healthy, Purposeful and Productive life.

Which is why the NTUC has been advocating for the re-employment age ceiling to be raised from 65 to 67. This provides the option for workers to be able to work longer should they wish to.


What do you, Singaporeans, feel about retirement and re-employment?






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