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This letter has been submitted by William Han, 42 – who spent a few hours with the queues yesterday.

Dear The Real Singapore,

You must be disappointed.

Have you been reading up on news regarding the passing of the great man? Have you seen the number of Singaporeans queuing up to pay respects to a man whom, according to you is hated by generations?

I spent 4 hours queuing yesterday and guess what? No one around me complained. Not about the hot sun. Not about the long wait. Someone said: “For us, he has given his life. And I am only standing here for a few hours, how can that ever compare?”

Mr. Lee did not set out to make millions for himself not seize power as you’ve so often made him out to be. Everything he has set out to do was for Singapore  and Singapore’s children.

And you? Everything you have set out to do is to get eyeballs so that you can make money from your advertisements. Immoral profits, to buy your material needs, like the house you own in Australia and God knows where else.

Everyday in history, people will look back at the legacy of Lee Kuan Yew and without a doubt, show the respect and awe he so deserves.

One day in history, your children and your children’s children will look back at you and regret their existence as your family. For you made immoral profits for your selfish gains.

So The Real Singapore, you must be disappointed. The Internet as you’ve made it out to be, does not represent Singaporeans.

This is clearly seen today.







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