8 Boybands that you loved for a reason and drove you crazy when you were young

Before One Direction and The Wanted, there were a slew of popular boybands in the 1990s and 2000s that took our region by storm. One of them, Backstreet Boys, is set to perform in Singapore next week. Here are 8 boybands that you went gaga over when you were a teen.


Backstreet Boys

Make all the jokes you want (Backside boys, Backstreet uncles) they were HUGE. And remember this epic MTV?

If you were a secondary school student in the 90s you probably performed this dance at least once at some school event.



Did they hear our hearts break when they said bye bye bye to us for good in 2002?

“Yes JT, your hair drives me cray cray.”



Before every pre-pubescent girl discovered Baileys Irish Cream, the sweetest, most delicious Irish export they knew of was Boyzone.

Did you know lead singer Ronan Keating’s name means “little seal”?


Take That

Who can forget hits like “Back for Good”, “Never forget” and “Pray”? They were the MOST popular UK boyband in the early 90s. Oh yeah and it helped launch Robbie Williams’ singing career.



Another product of Ireland who had super catchy hits like “If I let you go” and “I don’t wanna fight no more” (the lyrics of the latter being very useful in an argument with your significant other).

Mariah Carey Feat.Westlife – Against All Odds by manga-mania-62

Look very closely at Brian Mcfadden’s eyes at the end of the video.



Remember when this video came out you were young but Hanson were even younger?

Pepperidge farm remembers.


98 Degrees

This US boyband was almost as popular as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Almost.

Before Steve Jobs made turtlenecks hot, there was Nick Lachey.




Yea, barely.








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