All New Fishing Zones

If you’ve got any angler friends or you’re an angler yourself you’ve probably heard the argument that there aren’t many places in Singapore where you can legally fish.

PUB has allocated ten areas where fishing is legal, but does it offer enough diversity for anglers to escape the proximity of their peers?

Here are the ten spots allocated to fishing marked in red.

1) Bedok Reservoir


2) Jurong Lake



3) Lower Seletar Reervoir


4) Lower Pierce Reservoir


5) MacRitchie Reservoir


6) Marina Reservoir


7) Serangoon Reservoir


8) Upper Seletar Reservoir


9)Pandan Reservoir


10) Kranji Reservoir


According to some anglers, there are “secret” spots throughout Singapore where you can escape from the competition. However most of these “secret” spots aren’t legal areas for people to fish for one reason or another.

PUB also encourages anglers to adopt responsible fishing practices.

* Be considerate and exercise care when casting lures to avoid injuring others.

* Use only barbless hooks and fishing rods not exceeding 2.7m.

* Keep the area clean. dispose of used fishing lines, hooks and other rubbish properly into litter bins.

* Practise catch and release – release the fish back into the reservoirs once they are caught so that ecological impact is minimised.



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