Another train disruption this week???

(Train disruption) Yes, you read it right! A track fault on the North-South Line this morning brings the total number of train incidents this week to three.

train disruption

Three train incidents in a week. Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew said in Parliament on Monday, 13 April that he instructed the Land Transport Authority and SMRT to “get to the bottom of the recent disruptions”.

But as soon as he said it in Parliament, the North-East Line trains were disrupted for about 20 minutes due to a “signaling fault”.

Such train disruptions cause a lot of inconvenience to our commuters – Students arrive in school late, workers get to office late.

It seems like we’re experiencing such disruptions more frequently and commuters are getting quite jaded.

Perhaps the Transport Ministry can do more to work with the LTA and transport operators to get to the bottom of the incidents?

Let’s hope things get better for the train system in Singapore. And in the meantime, if you get stuck in such a train disruption, keep cool and calm.











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