Careful what you put online….

Ever found yourself stuck in an argument on a social media platform or forum? Or ever read some comments and posts that leave a bad taste in the mouth?


Recently, the winner of a Singtel TV contest was stripped of her title in the span of 12 hours, after her offensive online comments were surfaced.

This is a good example of how one’s comments or posts can turn around and bite you in the a**.

The organisers of the contest, Singtel TV-Masti Showcase 2015, revoked the title of Miss Starlet 2015 from Ms Yasmeen Munira after they found her comments she made about “ugly” Singaporeans and overweight people.

She was poised to become a potential anchor on Singtel TV as the winner of the Ms Starlet title.

Obviously, this isn’t the first case of how a social media post can turn around and the person who posted it.

We all remember how the NTUC fired an Assistant Director for her racially-insensitive comments on Facebook.


And of course, Anton Casey’s Facebook comments on “poor people” in Singapore.

We all find ways to express ourselves online and offline. Offline we chat and exchange ideas with friends and colleagues, and we do so with freedom without fear of being put down.

But our social media posts and comments online are easily accessible by netizens anywhere around the world. And before you know it, your negative and inflammatory posts would have gone viral to your own detriment.

Increasingly, there are posts from trolls who attempt to sow discord among netizens and try to start arguments by posting inflammatory messages on their Facebook pages.

These trolls and websites often think nothing about posting inflammatory content in an effort to promote hostility.

A friend once told me “an opinion is like an a**hole…everybody has one…”

Yes, all of us have our opinions. But we have to be cautious about whether our comments or opinions will cause distress, hurt or offence to anyone.

If our posts or comments create discord or cause arguments, then what good does it do?

What are the motives of internet trolls who create unwanted unrest and distrust among people?






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